The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The new European legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), governing the use of personal data by organisations, and the rights of individuals, came into force on 25th May.  The NI Squirrel Association has drawn up its own Data Protection Policy and Data Privacy Notice and these are available below.

To help Squirrel Dreys be GDPR compliant we have put together some information to guide you when collecting, storing and disposing of the personal data you gather on young people and adults in Squirrels.  The document – What is GDPR? – will give you some background information and advice on how to become GDPR compliant.  There  is a  ‘journey’ template which you can complete for your own individual Drey – these templates take you through the data ‘journey’ of an adult volunteering with Squirrels and a young person joining the Drey or volunteering with the Drey, e.g. through Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.  It helps you think about what you collect, why you collect it, where you store it, who you pass it on to and what you do with it when you no longer need it!

We have also prepared 2 templates which you can adapt for your own Drey – a Data Protection Policy and a Data Privacy Notice – parents/carers should be made aware of these and you may require them to meet GDPR policies for your meeting place.

NI Squirrel Association Data Protection Policy

NI Squirrel Association Data Privacy Notice

SQUIRRELS What is General Data Protection Regulations SQUIRRELS What is General Data Protection Regulations (Word doc)

GDPR Journey template

Template Individual Squirrel Drey Data Protection Policy

Template Individual Squirrel Drey Data Privacy Notice


Charity Commission Northern Ireland reporting support documents

The Charity Commission Northern Ireland requires each Squirrel Drey registered to submit annual reports – The Trustees Annual Report, Accounts and Independent Examiner’s Report.  Below are some templates to support you in these returns.  More support can be found in the Finances Section.






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