Scouts NI Young Leader Training Resources

Scouts NI Young Leader Training Resources

Resources created by leaders, for leaders.

Michael (Northern Ireland Commissioner for Explorers) and his team have put together the below resources for anyone to use. They have been designed for leaders to be able to deliver the Young Leader Training either remotely or Face-to-face. As a resource they are straight forward and easy to use. Most of the slides have speaker notes or cues on how to run the slide or activity within it.

Module A

Module A PowerPoint – DOWNLOAD

Where it all begins. Module A is the mandatory module, that all Young Leaders must complete in order to be validated for any volunteering that they may do.

Module B

Module B PowerPoint – DOWNLOAD

Module B – Taking the Lead! – Learn about different leadership styles and how to adapt your style to different situations. You’ll also learn more about your role and how it fits in with the wider leadership team.

Module C+J

Module C+J PowerPoint – DOWNLOAD

Module C – That’s the way to do it! – In this module we will be teaching you how to teach others. Being able to do this effectively is probably the best skill a leader can have.

Module J – Communicate it! – Being able to communicate with other people is a life skill in itself. In this module we will be looking at the different types of communication and when best to use them and how to get the most out of each type.

Module D+F

Module D+F PowerPoint – DOWNLOAD

Module D – Understanding Behaviour – There are a million different ways in which Young People behave and just as many reasons for it. In this module we will briefly look at some of those behaviours and what might be the reason for them. We will also equip you with a few strategies on how to deal with them.

Module F – Making Scouts accessible and inclusive – Scouting should be available to and enjoyed by everyone. In this module we will look at some of the additional needs that our Young People may have and how we can support them.

Module E+I

Module E+I PowerPoint – DOWNLOAD

Module E – Game On! – We will be learning about games and why they are an integral part of our programme. We will think about what makes a good game and how to run a game so everyone gets the most out of it.

Module I – What did they say? – In Module J we learnt about communication out to people, now we’re going to learn about when they respond to us. We will cover different techniques on collection feedback and why that is important and how to process it.

Module G+H

Module G+H PowerPoint – DOWNLOAD

Module G – What is a high quality programme? – In this module we will look at the different areas of a strong, balanced programme that everyone will enjoy. We will look at the importance of Top Awards and Badgework and how they play their part. You will also be shown where to find new resources to help you.

Module H – Programme Planning – Where would we be without a plan? This module will help you take everything else you have learnt and put it together to form a 3 month plan for a section.

Module K

Module K PowerPoint – DOWNLOAD

Module K – First Aid – There are many routes to this one. If you have access to a First Response trainer this is ideal as you can also receive your official Fist Response Certificate, which can be carried over to an Adult Leader role!


Young Leader Training Resources created by Scouts NI in 2022/23.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls