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Date: 30th Jul 2021 Author: Michael Croft

Train The Trainer

Our Train the Trainer sessions will give you the training, skills and confidence to deliver this 2 hour module within your organisation. All training and materials are FREE as the sessions are fully funded by MaPS (Money and Pension Service).

On successful completion of our course you will be equipped to confidently deliver Talk, Learn , Do – Parents, kids and money to help parents/carers of children and young people about money in everyday situations around the home.

Kids are like little sponges when it comes to absorbing information. A lot of what they need to know about managing money well as adults is already in place by the age of seven and they can also pick up new skills as they grow into adults. You will have helped parents to:

  • Have positive conversations at home helping to reduce stress around money conversations.
  • Teach children how to recognise the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’
  • Teach children why you have to say ‘no’ to buying something
  • Engage children in learning about money in everyday experiences for example on shopping trips.
  • Explore why pocket money can teach children value for money and help them to become good money managers.
  • Discuss the pros’ and con’s of giving children the opportunity to manage money themselves.
  • Reflecting on our habits and behaviours around money.
  • Help parents agree and discuss what is age appropriate and what suits their family needs and values.

If you would like a private group session arranged please contact or

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