Restructuring of Support Structures

Date: 29th Sep 2022 Author: Pamela Hale

29th September 2022

Dear Fellow Scouter
For some time, the Board of Scouts NI has been concerned that the current support structures for Leaders in Groups, and hence to young people, are not as effective and efficient as they should be.  The consequence of this is that we are not providing the best Scouting experiences for our young people nor maximising their potential acquisition of #SkillsforLife.
The Board therefore feels that as part of our duty to our young people, changes must be made to the current support structures and that now is the time to make such changes.  The Scout Association is currently embarking on a major transformation process which will provide an excellent context for us in Northern Ireland to review our structures.
The Board wants to hear the views of all Leaders in Northern Ireland on how we best improve the Scouting experience of our young people.  The current situation with over 100 unfilled support roles in our Counties and Districts is untenable and results in many Leaders having to compromise the time they give directly to young people.
We have produced a consultation paper that was launched yesterday evening at the AGM of NISC.  In this paper we propose streamlining our support network into a number of single entities aligned to the current Local Councils and remove the duplication associated with the current District/County arrangements.

This paper is available to you to read through the link:
Consultation Paper – Restructuring of Support Structures

There is an interactive map showing how current Scout Groups sit within these Council areas at this link:

The map can be adjusted to include other variables (for advice on how to use the map please contact the Development Team at Headquarters).

Please study the paper and let us have your feedback, including any potential alternative way to address the current problems.
Email address for feedback:

We realise that this proposed change will not be easy and be associated with a number of practical challenges, but these can be overcome with your help.  We will be arranging a series of roadshows around Northern Ireland where you can come and give your views on the proposal and provide suggestions on how to approach the practical challenges of implementation.
We would like to stress at this time that no decisions have been taken by the Board apart from that change is necessary.  Help us shape the future of Scouts NI.

Yours in Scouting
Stephen Donaldson – Chief Commissioner
Henry Brown – Chair, Board
Scouts NI

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