HSBC – Financial Education Sessions

Date: 1st Oct 2021 Author: Michael Croft

Banking 101 – 11 to 16 years (Wednesday 3rd November 2021 @ 7.30 pm) 1 hour

Supporting understanding of the basics of banking, borrowing, saving, and why getting a bank account is important.

Guarding Against Fraud – 11 to 18 years (Wednesday 10th November 2021 @ 7.30 pm) 1 hour

A guide on how to recognise fraud and protect yourself, your online identity, and your money. Highlights money mules and the many consequences of getting involved. The above are core sessions to help build an understanding of the value of money, banking, and keeping your money safe. Recommended for the start of any financial capability programme.

Savvy Shopping – 11 to 16 years (Wednesday 17th November 2021 @ 7.30 pm) 1 hour

Considers advertising and making smart purchases. A chance to explore what is good value, how to spot a great offer, and how loyalty, reward, and store cards work.

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