More Engaging Learning

More Engaging Learning

In research with volunteers, we learnt that our current training scheme can feel overwhelming for new volunteers, be hard to access and often learners experience delays with validation.  It is also over 20 years old and in need of personalisation to our volunteers.

Our new learning approach will achieve:

  • A simpler and easier to access learning experience
  • Learning specific and tailored to a volunteer’s role
  • Improved accessibility and inclusivity
  • Modernise and improve on our current scheme
  • Improve how we recognise prior learning

The new framework for learning (the Learning Tree) will be made up of two parts:

  • Growing Roots – the new mandatory learning for our volunteers, which will have to be completed in 6 months.  This is comprised of two parts:
    • The learning all volunteers need to get started
    • The learning a volunteers needs for their team and role
  • Branching Out – will allow for volunteers to shape their learning journey based on what is most beneficial to them and their team for young people.  It will encompass a variety of learning options such as:
    • Digital Skills
    • Permits & Adventurous activities
    • Practical scouting skills
    • Team Leadership
    • And much more…

Action: For now, we ask that Districts and Counties work towards ensuring that their Compass records are accurate ahead of the data extraction. Where there are volunteers close to completion of the woodbadge, we should do everything we can to support the validation. Key application of LOVE (Learning Optional, Validation Essential).



Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls