DofE Expedition Process 2024

Scouts NI has a form for expedition approvals. This has incorporated DofE rules and most Scout rules.  We hope that it is straight forward to use – see Appendix 1, 2 and 3 (downloads available below)

Please complete this form for ALL Unaccompanied Practice Expeditions (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and ALL Qualifying Expeditions, in ALL Terrains (Bronze, Silver, Gold). 

Appendix 1 – DofE Expedition Notification Form (v4 Mar 2024) 

Appendix 2 – Expedition Route Card and Team Goal Activity Plan (v2 Jan 2024)

Appendix 3 – Nights Away Notification Form (v11 April 2023)

Please submit Appendix 1, Appendix 2 and route tracings to ScoutsNI ( at least 4 weeks before the expedition start date. 

While you are thinking about getting expeditions going again can I take the opportunity to remind you of a few ‘Scout’ related things – 

  • Do read again the Scout Rules for Adventurous Activities.  These change regularly. Particularly read the Scout Factsheet on activities in Terrain 0 – you will note that there is not much difference in the requirements for Terrain 0 activities as in other Terrains.

  • A new Safety Card (Emergency Card) was issued in January 2022 – 

fs120077-safety-card-jan-2022.docx (

  • Ensure that your Leaders/Supervisors’ Scout Permits, including nights away permits, are not out of date if you need a Permit for your adventure.
  • Ensure that your Leaders/Supervisors have completed their Mandatory Scout Training – Safety, Safeguarding and 1st Response.  You absolutely must have at least one Leader/Supervisor supervising your adventure who holds a valid First Aid certificate.  1st Response is ok for Terrain 0 and Terrain 1 activities.

  • Remember that all DofE expedition assessors need to be registered with Scouts NI before they can assess a Scout DofE expedition. If you are thinking of using an assessor not on our Scout list then start the registration process for them now as they will need to be registered on Compass and undertake an AccessNI check.
  • A new Yellow Card – ‘Safeguarding Code of Conduct for Adults’ was issued in January 2024

Steps to becoming a DofE Accredited Assessor

If you choose to become a DofE Accredited Assessor with Scouts NI please download and complete the following form and return to

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