Digital Support to Get Things Done

Digital Support

As part of the Transformation process we’re moving towards the launch of a new digital system in February 2024. This will replace Compass and add extra tools for all of us.

It’s important we make the transition to the new system as smooth as possible. This begins in earnest now – with ensuring that the data in our current system is cleaned up and up-to-date by Christmas 2023 at the latest. Putting the time and effort into this now will mean fewer issues and time spent clearing up when the new system goes live.

Action: We ask that Scout Groups, Districts and Counties review all data of their members. This must be seen as a priority ahead of the extraction to ensure that all members have the right roles and permissions to their name. All volunteers should ensure that their personal information is up to date to ensure a smooth transition to the new membership system.

Mapping roles to the new structure

As part of preparing for the data migration, it’s important that we showcase the change in our terminology and highlight the changes to our structure which will help you map volunteers to the appropriate roles.


Obsolete Roles

Action: We ask that Group Scout Leaders, District Commissioners and County Commissioners have conversations with their teams about the changes in advance, especially if a volunteer’s role is changing. To assist with the smooth transition to the new membership system and embedding the new culture, we believe it’s important that everyone is aware of what’s changing in advance with full transparency. 

Key tasks

  • Compass Cleanse (Personal Details, Woodbadge Validation Check and Permits. Please ensure that a personal email address is added as you key point of contact as this will be used for access to the new system.)
  • Roles and Mapping (Ensuring that all volunteers are aligned to the right role and access. Please remove duplication of roles).
  • Woodbadge Validation (Big push on validating the final number of woodbadges for our volunteers!)
  • Getting Started Modules (Big push to get volunteers to complete the current Getting Started Modules, this will help down the line)
  • Pre-Provisional / Provisional (Big push to get the Pre-Provisional / Provisional numbers down through assisting people through their volunteering journey.



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