Roped Activities

Crawfordsburn has roped activities for all age groups allowing young people to progress, develop their skills and push their boundaries.

Our Activities Team encourage everyone to have a go, whether you reach the top or not. Your young people can also try their hand at belaying (bell ringing), allowing those with mobility issues to get involved, whilst introducing basic climbing skills.


Take on our 12m outdoor Abseiling Wall which will test your climbing and abseiling skills as you scale the outside of the tower before abseiling back down. Abseiling is an excellent confidence booster as you take control of your decent, helping to build trust between the instructor and participant and reinforces friendships as you cheer each other along by offering help and support.


Crawfordsburn’s climbing wall has a number of progressive routes, which encourage the first-time climber to challenging those who climb on a regular basis. The wall has three different faces offering different climbing experiences and allows for the progression of climbing technique. When the participants aren’t climbing they are encouraged to help belay, developing rope skills and keeping them engaged in the activity.

Crate Climb

Crate climb is a great activity to introduce roped activates to younger children and a great confidence builder for youth groups and teambuilding. As the participant climbs the stack being built by the group, others will be helping with the belaying. This is a great activity for those who are scared of heights, as they can set a personal challenge of the number of crates to reach and then see how they get on.

Zip Line

At 15m tall the Zip Line has a great view of the campsite, but for those not into sightseeing, the Zip Line offers an opportunity to take a leap of faith before

zipping over the site. There’s more to our Zip Line than most. The participant has to scale our 15m pole before being attached to Zip Line. The Zip Line encourages participants to push their boundaries and build trust as they belay each other up.

3G Swing

The 3G swing is great for group participation as everyone works to get the 3G swing up to height; before the people riding are released and hopefully experience a brief period of freefall. Participants are placed on the swing in pairs, which is great for building relationships, trust and teamwork.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls