Adventurous Activities

Crawfordsburn adventurous activities are designed to get you using your body in a different way.

Whether its crawling through our caving system, taking on the challenge course or testing your balance on the Slack Line.


We are all use to living on top of the earth, so why not explore or purpose built caving system. With eight interconnected chambers, you’ll be encouraged to explore your surroundings. Are you brave enough to explorer it with your light off?

Challenge Course

Take on Crawfordsburn’s Challenge course. With a range of obstacles from a rope swings to cargo nets and monkey bridges to be tackled, this is a great activity for all as they help either round or race each other round the course. We’d recommend that you bring a change of clothes.

Beaver Trail

If our challenge course is a little big for you, then our Beaver Trail is the ticket.

Mountain Boards

Crawfordsburn is the perfect place to try Mountain Boarding, on our beginners’ hill. Our instructor will teach you how to ride, turn and stop the board. If you’re good enough you’ll be set off from the top of the hill to ride our hill at full speed.

Grass Sledges

The Grass Sledges are a crowd pleaser for our younger visitors, as they race down the hill in their sledges. The sledges run on caterpillar tracks and are steered by leavers operated by the person riding the sledge. This is a great fun activity for all and a great way to introduce younger people to outdoor pursuits.

Slack Lining

Slack Lining is one of the fastest growing extreme sports, where you learn to balance and preform tricks on a slack line. Don’t worry you don’t have to start over a ravine, we will teach you some of the tricks you’ll need to start your own slack lining adventure.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls