Adventurous Activities

Land Activities

Crawfordsburn adventurous activities are designed to get you using your body in a different way. Whether its crawling through our caving system, taking on the challenge course or testing your balance on the Slack Line.


In a survival situation every one needs fire and shelter. With our instructors learn how to make a fire responsibly using the materials around you no matter the conditions and how to build a sturdy and reliable shelter to see you through the worst of nights.


The aims of bouldering are to improve hand eye coordination, balance and climbing movement. This activity acts as a great introduction to the climbing wall and tower giving novices the opportunity to build confidence prior to taking on a bigger challenge.

Grass Sledge

No snow, no problem! These sledges are on tank tracks allowing you to speed down our slope. The participants will develop their balance and coordination skills as they make their way down the course, ensuring the safety of themselves and those around them


Orienteering is a sport involving navigation by use of a map. The primary aim for this activity is to teach map and navigation skills. The individual or group can demonstrate their understanding by visiting all the markers on the map.


The caving complex is a series of underground chambers interwoven with pipes and bends of different diameters. Each chamber has an exit directly to the outside, a drain to prevent flooding and is ventilated to atmosphere for safety. The activity allows participants to experience the adventure of going underground and exploring the unknown. It challenges the participants fear of darkness and small spaces and allows them to test their ability to keep their bearings in an unusual environment.

Pond Dipping

This activity encourages a fascination and enthusiasm for wildlife by allowing participants to encounter and discover everything that the pond habitat has to offer including plants, animals, dragonflies, tadpoles, frogs, worms and fish. This activity is aimed at our youngest visitors.

Slack line

Slack lining can be done by all ages and abilities. Not only does slacklining promote teamwork it also provides a great work out at the same time. Slacklining can provide a full body workout, improves balance, sharpens focus and promotes social interaction and teamwork.


Pioneering is the art of making constructions from wooden poles and ropes, limited only by your imagination, the law of physics and your knot tying skills! It is an outdoor activity on a large scale which results in an article that the builders can enjoy.

Team Building

Team building is the collective name given to games that are aimed at bringing about a predetermined outcome e.g. teamwork or communication. Additional and dynamic challenge may be present for additional difficultly. These tasks are easily tailored to a client’s needs.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls