Education Authority

Registering with the Education Authority (EA)

Re-registration runs from the 1stof April to the 30th of April annually, but registration is open all year round so if you miss the 30thof April date, you can still follow the same guidelines and re-register after that date. However, unfortunately, you cannot be considered a registered organisation for reporting purposes, and therefore not able to apply for funding, until you complete/update your registration in the 2022-2023 period.

Scouts NI strongly encourages all Scouts NI Groups, Districts & Counties to register as a Local Voluntary Youth Organisation with the Education Authority. This will enable you to apply yearly for local Non-Targeted/Generic Youth Provision Funding which can enhance your programme week by week with your young people. It also entitles Groups, Districts and Counties to apply for other funding from EA and be eligible to receive extra funds.

There is a really simple video that takes you through the registration process and it can be found here.  

Details on how to register and apply for the EA new Funding Scheme can be found here.  

Applying for Generic/Non-Targeted Funding

If you have registered your Scout Group for the first time in April 2022 you can immediately begin an application for 2022-2023. For any Scout Groups currently in receipt of 2021-2022 Generic Non-Targeted Funding, you will not be able to create a new application for this incoming year, until you complete your report for 2021-2022. Once you complete and submit your Annual Report, you will automatically gain access to create a new application for this incoming year on the funding portal.

But please note applications for Generic/Non-Targeted Funding will only be open from 1st April 2022 to the 30th April 2022 and any late applications will not be considered.

Annual Reporting for Generic/Non-Targeted Funding 2022-2023

For the annual report you will only need to provide:

• Member breakdown for 2021-2022 by age band

• Number of Members in relation to the Engagement Framework

• Actual Spend under the headings provided

• A copy of the income and expenditure form (issued with your letter of offer, but reissued again by EA when you are notified to submit your annual report.)

Engagement Framework

All EA funded Scout Groups are required to complete the Engagement Framework and submit the results annually to the EA. The Engagement Framework, as outlined in the Department of Education as Priorities for Youth policy, is a proportionate way to demonstrate the outcomes of youth work. The Engagement Framework describes four categories of engagement, from Contact to Maximising Potential. Looking back over the previous year, Leaders are asked to assign each young person they work with to the most appropriate category, based on their engagement within their Scout Group. There is no right or wrong answer to this, it is purely based on your personal experience of the young person in question.

The resources below will help you as you complete this:

The Scouts NI staff team is here to provide support to you as you complete this process, so please get in touch by clicking here to email or calling 02890492829 if you need help with any of the following:

• Registration

• Re-registration

• Application of funding

• Annual reporting of 2021-2022 funds

• Completing the Engagement Framework

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