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Scout Section – Diary Dates

9th February 2019 – Woodbadge Training (Modules 12a, 2b & 18)
10th February 2019 – Woodbadge Training (Modules 13 & 7)
24th February 2019 – NI Robot Wars – Co Armagh hosting.  Closing date 15th February 2019
9th March 2019 – Woodbadge Training (Modules 14, 15 & 36)
10th March 2019 – Woodbadge Training (Modules 5 & 16)
24th March 2019 – NI Soap Box Challenge –Eikon Exhibition Centre.
17th-19th May 2019 – Woodbadge Training – Scout Leaders’ Residential Weekend at Crawfordsburn (Modules 38, 17 & 19)
1st  June 2019 – Woodbadge Training (Modules 8, 9, & 11)
2nd June 2019 – Woodbadge Training (Modules 12a, 12b & 18)
21st-23rd June 2019 – NI Camp Challenge, style and venue to be discussed.

Scout Robot Wars and Go Kart Competition

For more information on Scout Robot Wars and Scout Go Kart Competition please click below.



Consumer Council

It’s over a year since we launched the ‘Consumer Scout’ badge, in partnership with The Consumer Council.  To date Scout Groups in Belfast, Newtownards, Newtownabbey, Ballymena and Antrim have completed the consumer rights training course and received their badge.  If your Group has yet to complete the resource, we would encourage you to do so before the end of 2019. We have received great feedback from the Groups who have completed and received their badges to include; “Worth doing and is something different from the usual programme” and “Relevant simple information transmitted through fun activities”.  For more information contact Stacey Whitley, Communications Office, The Consumer Council, 028 9025 1600 (ext 51667).

Download the badge pack here:  Consumer Council – Consumer Scouts resource

If you would like more information, contact Stacey Whitley, Communications Office, The Consumer Council, 028 9025 1600 (ext 51667).

The Consumer Council, Floor 3 Seatem House, 28-32 Alfred Street, Belfast, BT2 8EN

Email contact@consumercouncil.org.uk

Website www.consumercouncil.org.uk

Anne Nicholson
NIC (Scouts)




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