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East Belfast District was formed in 1924 (although two of our Groups pre-date that time) and is currently home to more than 800 youth members and 150 adult volunteers within 12 Scout Groups and 4 Explorer Scout Units. We also have an active Scout Network and Scout Active Support Unit (SASU) which make a valued contribution to Scouting in our District.

Geographically, our Groups and Units are located across East Belfast (Townside, Loughside and Downside) in Sydenham (3rd, 9th Groups, Sydenham Unit), Belmont (99th Group), Strandtown (10th Group), Bloomfield (73rd Group), Knock (4th, 24th Groups, Knock Unit), Gilnahirk (27th, 30th Groups, Ballyhanwood Unit), Stormont (33rd Group) and Dundonald (7th Group, Dundonald Unit).

The District would welcome opportunities to partner with churches, schools and other community groups interested in sponsoring new Scout Groups, and to recruit new members for existing Groups especially in the Ballymacarratt, Knocknagoney and Tullycarnett areas which are currently underrepresented amongst our membership.

To supplement the active programmes run by individual Groups and Units, the District provides an annual calendar of events and competitions for each Section from Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts through to Explorer Scouts.  This programme includes sports such as football, unihoc, archery and basketball, as well as quizzes, chess and draughts and art and craft competitions. Our Badge Secretaries organise a number of badge courses each year at District level often with the support of SASU and outside organisations, including a partnership with QUB medical school to deliver the Emergency Aid Badge.

Groups and Units offer residential experiences for all Sections from indoor sleepovers for our Beavers, to Cub Pack Holidays and Scout Camps in Northern Ireland or throughout the British Isles, while our Explorer Scouts (and occasionally our Scouts) have ventured further afield, sometimes to participate in expeditions or voluntary service projects in Eastern Europe or Africa or to attend international jamborees.  There is a strong emphasis in our District on outdoor Scouting with many opportunities to develop bushcraft and survival skills, and participate in hiking, climbing and water activities. We are also keen to develop our links within and the support we provide to our local community.

The District produces a Newssheet, Scouting East, on a monthly basis and links to back issues are included on this page to give an indication of some of our recent activities (see above).

Our current District Commissioner is Betty Robb, supported by a team of Assistant District Commissioners for each Section.

If you would like to join one of the Groups or Explorer Units, or the Scout Active Support Unit in our District as a youth member, leader or helper, please contact the District via the Scoutsni Office on 02890492829 or http://www.scoutsni.org/contact-us/




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